Training benefits

The main training benefit of running with running poles is increasing the intensity. A runner with poles gives higher performance and therefore has a significantly higher energy consumption than when only running. Breathing is more intensive, breast muscles, shoulders and arms are more involved.

When running with poles, the athlete is not only running, but also works out naturally more. And contrary to cross-country skiing, when the arms relax while going downhill and legs relax while double poling on a flat surface, when running with poles, neither arms nor legs relax at any time.

Petr Koukal 2

Therefore it can be seen as a great advantage for professional athletes – especially, but not only, during winter season – that the training time spent at one training unit with required energetic intensity is significantly cut down (the energy consumption is the same in shorter time).

Within a specific training preparation, every athlete can use the running poles to achieve these specific training goals:

  • general endurance (development of aerobic capacity)
  • power endurance (running into the hills)
  • dynamic strengthening
  • running in the terrain (fartlek)
  • jumping preparation
  • development of physical flexibility (stretching)