After the victory in the previous round of the competition European Athletics Innovation Awards, we have achieved further success in spreading the method of running with running poles. Our extensive article was published in the prestigious scientific journal of World Athletics Federation (IAAF) New Studies in Athletics.


New Studies in Athletics is focused on research, training methods and new knowledge in the athletic training. Its content is guaranteed by five-member International Scientific Advisory Board, composed as follows: Prof. Helmut Digel (GER), Prof. Tim Noakes (RSA), Esa Peltola (AUS), Prof. Eduardo De Rose (BRA) a Prof. Maliju Tian (CHN).

In our aticle of New Studies in Athletics 2/2014 Running With Poles to Increase Training Efficiency and Reduce Injuries are these main themes: the results of measurements of relieving lower limbs (Achilles, knee), the biomechanical analysis of technique of Nordic Running (video analysis), the recommendations for increasing the efficiency of training, and overview of the exercises with running poles.

The article Running With Poles to Increase Training Efficiency and Reduce Injuries in pdf format can be found here: New Studies in Athletics

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