Welcome on website about the running and exercises with running poles – NORDIC RUNNING. Our method is quite different from using a walking (trekking) sticks during alpine runs. Running with running poles has several benefits and each individual can its utilize according to himself.

In March 2016, published by Smart Press the book NORDIC RUNNING: Running with poles as a healthier and more efficient way of running. Introducing the first book in the world about all-season running with poles! – Short annotation of the book: English  Polish  German


The interest in the running with running poles is increasing since we won the competition European Athletics Innovation Awards with the thesis about this training method. We have been invited to scientific conferences, we have lectured at training seminars for athletic trainers, we have presented our method on training camps and a variety of running events.

The extensive article about running with poles was included in the prestigious journal of International Association of Athletics Federations IAAF New Studies in Athletics (Running with poles to increase training efficiency and reduce injuries, 2/2014). Also the specialized German magazine Leichtathletik Training  published the text on this topic in one of its issues (Laufen mit Stöcken, 11/2013). Our theme has already appeared on all major Czech and Slovak running websites.


Not only many of hobby runners and sportsmen, but also a lot of elite athletic representatives and trainers include the method of running with poles in their training (for example Tomas Dvorak, Denisa Rosolova, Vitezslav Vesely, etc. What says about the nordic running Barbora Spotakova, double olympic champion and world record holder in javelin throw? Please click here or on the picture:

Barbora SpotakovaWhat is new about our method of nordic running? Please follow the news website and our facebook

We find four main reasons for practicing this method:

1. Variegation of training – Our method can widen and variegate the classic training preparation. It is an interesting year-round method of crosstraining or special training. With running poles you can not only run, but also practice many different exercises.

2. Load reduction –  Running with running poles does not burden the musculoskeletal system. It has an undeniable importance in the prevention of injury of the most tired parts of the legs, i.e. Achilles tendons, ankles and knees. Sportsmen who already have some injuries, then the use of the poles allows a faster return to full training. (further here)


3. Increasing the intensity – Nordic running is much more physically demanding than ordinary run. The runner with running poles has a higher energy consumption and he breathes intensively. He not only runs, but also naturally strengthens (muscles of the upper limbs, chest and abdominal muscles). (further here)

4. Improving of the running style – Running with poles can help remove some errors in our running style and thus improve it. (further here)