World Championship

There is a new challenge: the first international Nordic Running race, ie running with poles according to the rules. If you are a trail or road runner who is looking for new experiences, a cross-country skier who prefers the classical style or a nordic walker who can not run due to the rules of NW races, do not miss the first World Championship in the Nordic Running. Come to the Czech Republic on Vysočina in September and prove along with other enthusiasts that running with poles is interesting, good-looking and healthy sport!

_NRWCHDate: Saturday, September 8, 2018

Location: Ski Area of Martin Koukal, Žďár nad Sázavou / 49.5883467N, 15.9254806E

Organizers: / SK TRI Cyklochlubna

Main Partners: FIZAN / Salming Running / Alpitrek

Races: 5 km / 10 km / 3x 2,5 km – mixed relays

Categories:  Women 15-39 / Women 40+ / Men 15-39 / Men 40+

Registration: – please click here

Entry Fee:  February – March = 10 € / April – June = 12 € / July – September = 15 €

Entry Fee includes: Start number, rubber band + switch pins, refreshment (during the race and at the finish = water, coffee, tea, müsli sticks, cake, banana / after race = chicken + rice or fries and soft drink)

The course: 1 round = 2,5 km / track is marked with strips, runs along the grassy area in the cross-country skiing area (height range 22m, total climb 31m, total descent 30m)

Basic rule: Each step is accompanied by simultaneous pole´s push-off made by the opposite arm than the stance leg (the pole in right hand with the step of the left leg and vice versa). A competitor can also change his run to walk or runwalk if he keeps the alternate sticking.

Poles: A competitor has two poles (i.e. one pole in each hand) of any shape. It is possible to use a running poles, walking sticks, trekking sticks, cross-country poles, downhill sticks etc. - Notice: it will be possible to purchase the new Nordic Running poles from FIZAN directly on the spot.

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All informations about the World Championship in Nordic Running, incl. Time schedule, Race rules, Accommodation possibilities etc. can be found on this link