Barbora Spotakova

What says about the running with running poles Barbora Spotakova, double olympic champion and world record holder in javelin throw:

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From interview with Barbora Spotakova, published in the Sport Magazine 7.12.2012:

„It is a good complement of the training process. One advantage is that if you do not have much time for training or running, you can save it. If you need to run for about forty minutes to fulfill your daily ration, with poles you will be fatigued exactly the same way after twenty-five minutes.“

„You are totally frustrated that after running only for a few minutes you are gasping. I did not expect it would be such a difference. I also like the fact that you can dose the intensity by yourself. You can run so that you push the poles just a little. Or much. It’s very simple, but it works.“

„A load reduction at each step is perceptible. And if you count the thousands steps done while jogging, the resulting decrease is really big. That’s why, I think that running with poles is excellent for convalescents.“

„The running poles are also very good for running up the hill. You work more by your arms and you must think about your style. You “don´t flap” with your hands. It willl improve you running style.“

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