Technique – VIDEOS

Nordic Running is closer to cross-country skiing (classic technique) than to Nordic Walking. According to the skiing terminology, we can define it as two-phase alternating cross-country skiing (classic technique) without ski. This means that each step is accompanied by simultaneous pole´s push-off made by the opposite arm (than the stance leg).

The push-off phase at running with poles is shorter both in time and space than it is at classic style cross-country skiing, or it can be compared to its middle phase (i.e. without moving the arms considerably in front of the body and behind it). The pole is planted approximately at the level of the opposite leg´s heel. The movement of the hand on the handle is slightly rolling – the grip is not fixed tightly or too loose.


VIDEOS of Nordic Running in different situations:  FOREST NR,  SPRING NR,  SNOW NR

The proper technique of Nordic Runningplease see following Videos (normal and slow motion):

.                    1. on the flat ground:                                         2. uphill:

rovina 270   dokopce 270

.                        3. downhill:                                                 4. changes of direction:

zkopce 270   slalom 270

.                     5. on a hard surface:                                        6. barefoot:

asfalt 270   naboso 270