Running POLES

An indispensable condition for the proper technical performance of running with poles is the correct length of these poles. The running poles should reach just below the shoulders, they are approximately 10cm shorter than classic style ski poles (which reach just above the shoulders). To calculate the length of the running poles you can also use this formula: body height x 0,8.


The running poles must allow a year round realization of running with poles on all types of surfaces with the correct running technique. Similar to the poles for cross-country skiing they have a fixed length (one-piece) and a smooth handle. The lower part of the running poles concurs with nordic walking poles, a longer tip allows adequate penetration into the ground or the use of rubber endings (on a hard surface).

Currently we have the new running poles from the Italian company FIZAN with quick click and original design. You can see VIDEO: FIZAN NORDIC RUNNING


Price for 1 pair: cca 44 Euro (= depending on the current exchange rate EUR / CZK). In the case of interest, please contact us on